Age-Master No.1 MSDS Data Sheet

Age-Master No.1® :
Rubber Preservative Test Results

Tire sidewall - Rubber Preservative

New truck tire sidewall exposed outdoors for six months in California. Untreated area shows cracking and signs of rubber deterioration such as hardening, while the area treated with Age-Master No.1 is free of any cracking and remains like new.

Tire cross section

Cross section of the tread area of a tire showing severe cracking that penetrates deep into unprotected rubber into the tire casing. The tread area treated with Age-Master No.1 has no cracking.

Effect of Cracking in tire failure

Water entering beneath the tread through tiny cracks is heated to high temperatures as the tire rolls on pavement. This promotes the break down in adhesion between the tread and the tire casing, allowing the tread to peel off. Cracked, hardened rubber also makes tires less resistant to cuts and punctures.